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He is editor of the blog “Law and New Technology- DNT Blog”, a pioneer in the legal area in Brazil.

• Author of “Comentários a lei 11.419/2006 e as Práticas Processuais por Meio Eletrônico nos Tribunais Brasileiros” (Commentaries on Bill of Law 11.419/2006 and Procedural Practices by Electronic Means in Brazilian Courts), published by Juruá, 2010.

• Co-author of the book “Comentários à lei do Processo Eletrônico” (Commentaries on the Electronic Process Bill of Law) , published by LTR, 2010.

• Co-author of “Internet Legal” (Legal Internet), published by Juruá, 2003

• Author of the book “Internet e o Direito” (Internet and the Law), published by Inédita, 2000

• Co-author of the book ‘Manual de Direito Eletrônico e Internet’ (Internet and Electronic Law Manual) , published by Aduaneiras, 2006.

• Author of sundry articles published in various national legal magazines on the themes of Law and IT .