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Alexandre Atheniense works in the area advisory Law and Information Technology, developing opinions, strategic planning, undertaking information security policies in various companies in different economic sectors.
Coordinates regularly lectures and courses in-company across the country and abroad, to train managers and staff aware of the risks related to information security and preparing for the best practices for protecting the business.

Professional experience in the following areas

• Training of lawyers, magistrates, IT managers, in procedural practices by electronic means.

• Software: legal treatment, contracts for licensing, registry, auditing, taxing and Free Software, Software forgery and piracy, improper use of content and intellectual works in general, including image, on portals and websites, unfair competition, brand and patent infringement

• Intellectual property, Copyright and similar, Entertainment Law: contracts for licensing and assignment, distribution, editing and management of original works, collective rights management, multimedia and data bases.

• Electronic crimes and Forensic Report: Electronic fraud, violation of secrecy, crimes against honor, larceny, illegal interception, invasion of privacy and other offences. Adoption of preventative legal and technological procedures. Tracing, identification and civil and criminal responsibility of agents using electronic means to carry out illegal activities.

• Electronic Bidding: Administrative and litigious representation

• Civil Responsibility of Providers

• Intercepting and obtaining legal evidence for filing of judicial and administrative processes against electronic fraud.

• Data security policy in companies: analysis, implementation and auditing.

• Electoral Advertising in electronic media. Legal conformity analysis for political campaigns and litigious representation.

• Electronic Balloting – Inspection, auditing and litigious representation

• Electronic Trading: Legal compliance analysis of sites for service providers and electronic trading in alignment with the Civil Code and Consumer Code; terms and policies of use, privacy and security.

• Workplace Privacy: implementation of privacy policy and usage of networks, emails and internet in public and private companies.

• Contracts: Preparation and analysis of contracts in different modalities of the IT, telecommunications and outsourcing sectors.

• Domain names: Registry, transference and conflict resolution in Brazil and abroad

• Data base: legal treatment, protection of form of expression and data protection.

• Electronic auction – legal consultancy for sites selling goods by electronic means.