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Alexandre Atheniense is a lawyer who is a graduate of the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG). He completed a post graduate specialization in Internet Law and Intellectual Property in the Berkman Center – Harvard Law School. He is associate and coordinator of IP and IT areas of practice on Rolim, Viotti & Leite Campos

He is a specialist lawyer in the area of Law and Information Technology. He is a Partner in the firm Sette Câmara Correa e Bastos and Coordinator of the Post Graduation course in I.T. Law in the “Escola Superior de Advocacia (ESA)” (College of Advocacy) of the “OAB –SP” (Brazilian Bar Association, Sao Paulo).

He stands out as a specialist lawyer in matters relating to Information Technology and has 25 years of professional experience encompassing the following areas; software, intellectual property in digital media, electronic crimes, civil responsibility of providers, procedural practices by electronic means, contracts, consumer rights on the internet, data security policy in companies, online privacy, domain names, electronic bidding and auction, electoral advertising on the internet, electronic balloting audit, reports, legal problems related to the internet, legal shielding for the reputations of companies and individuals on the internet, removal of undesired content from the internet, and arbitration in issues related to technology and electronic evidence, among others.

He held the presidency of the Information Technology Commission of the Federal Brazilian Bar Association (OAB) for 8 years (2002-2010) where he acted as adviser to lawyers on themes relating to Technology and Law. He helped to implement the Certifying Authority (AC-OAB), the largest of its kind in Brazil linked to a professional class. He also represented this authority in matters relating to Law and Information Technology in the National Congress before governmental authorities, in Brazil and abroad, acting as OAB representative in bills of law, among them, the Cybernetic Crimes Bill and the Civil Framework for the Brazilian Internet; regulations for procedural practices by electronic means together with the National Council of Justice and sundry State Courts.